Stages Of The Stay

Here’s a breakdown of how each stay at Tiny Tails will go.

Before The Visit

The first step is to officially book your reservation. If you have questions, Mel is always glad to be available to answer them prior to booking. When you arrive, everything will already be set up for your cat. We’ll make sure to have your vet’s records and any instructions on feeding, medication, and care. When you pull up, Mel will personally come to your vehicle to get your cat and any comforting belongings you would like for them to have during their stay.

The Stay At Tiny Tails

Your cat’s carrier will be opened directly into their private space. Mel is a Fear Free Certified boarding professional, and takes pride in reducing any fear, stress, or anxiety your cat could experience at any point in their stay. They are never forced out of their carrier. Once out, they will discover that their room has raised food bowls, water fountains, and a view of 11 acres, and a large pond with swans on it.

Mel then gets to work on learning what your cat’s preferences are so that she can set up their environment to be as exactly perfect for them as possible. Whether it’s toys, certain bedding, vantage points, a secure catio, or anything else… she takes your cat’s happiness and safety seriously. They are monitored on video at all times, and Mel keeps you routinely updated via text and pictures.

Going Home

Once your cat is scheduled to go home, Mel packs their belongings, washes their bedding, packages their remaining food, and puts them in their carrier about 20 minutes before your scheduled arrival. She will then bring them to your car so that you can take your baby home.

A Great Stay For All Cats!

I had the pleasure of entrusting my beloved cat, Little Meow to the care of Mel, owner of Tiny Tails Lodge, and I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with the experience she provided for him. She ensured that my cat had his cozy hideaway to retreat to and watch the birds go by. The facilities were immaculate, well-organized, and equipped with everything to keep Little Meow comfortable and entertained. I appreciated the regular updates and photos provided during his stay.
Genevieve V.
Mel, the owner of Tiny Tails Lodge, truly operates an exceptional pet resort! Her dedication and commitment to her business are evident in every aspect. I received daily photo updates of my beloved furry companion during my trip, and it’s safe to say that Loggins had an even more enjoyable time than I did. Mel maintains a limited number of animals, ensuring each one receives plenty of individualized attention. The spacious accommodations are so fantastic that I can’t help but feel a pang of sympathy for the humdrum home Loggins returns to after his stay. Choosing Tiny Tails Lodge for your pet is a decision you won’t regret; somehow, Mel manages to love your furry friend just as much as you do!
Jason B.
Both of our beloved pets, Maple (dog) and ThistleWillow (cat) have stayed with Mel several times. We found her after getting recommendations from friends and immediately upon meeting her we knew it was the right place for our animals. Our dog Maple had stayed in a couple of kennel situations prior to Mel that weren’t great and with Mel she absolutely bloomed! We called it Maple’s “summer camp” even in the winter because of how much fun she had. At the same time our kitten ThistleWillow was taken care of so lovingly in her cattery. She had windows to look out of, toys to play with and was given loads of snuggles and personal attention and care by Mel and her family. We truly miss her and we know that every animal she looks after leaves a lasting imprint on her.
Alison K.