Tiny Tails Lodge Policies

  • Vaccination Requirements: Please know that my vaccination requirements were thoughtfully develped with the safety of your kitty as well as other guests safe. Kitties from different families do not have direct contact and I clean extremely thoroughly after each departure.
    If you have a kitty that is immuno-suppressed, and at the advice of your vet can no longer receive vaccinations, please reach out so we can discuss further.

    • Rabies Vaccine, 1-3 years depending on age and vaccine.
    • (FVRCP) Distemper Combination Vaccine, 1-3 years depending on age and vaccine. The combination vaccine should include protection against Feline Distemper, Rhinotracheitis, and Calicivirus
    • Recommended but not required: Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and a Flea/Tick preventative. Even indoor cats could be exposed to a flea visiting a vet office so I strongly encourage a flea preventative.
  • All vaccinations must be current in order to stay. I am also aware that while very effective, vaccines do not protect against all strains of infectious organisms. For this reason, I will not hold TTL responsible for any occurrences of socially transmitted or airborne illness. To reduce the risk of external parasite transmission, all guests must be current on flea/tick prevention. If a pet is found to have parasites, a $200 fee will be assessed so that TTL may seek medical treatment for a single dose of prevention at the client’s expense. You authorize this care by acknowledging this agreement.
  • TTL strives to keep a clean and sanitary lodge and uses allreasonable precautions to prevent injury, illness and/or escape. Under no circumstances will TTL be held responsible forthe action ofthe pet or other pets in care that could cause injury, illness or escape.
  • We work hard to keep belongings together and accounted for, however, TTL is not responsible for any personal items such as bedding or toys left while your pet is in our care.
  • I understand that if my pet is left with TTL for longer than 7 days after my scheduled pick-up with no contact from me, my pet will be considered abandoned. After the 7 day hold period my pet will be transferred to HAWS animal shelter for adoption. I acknowledge that I will become financially responsible for any additional lodging fees associated with my pet’s extended stay.
  • Photo Release Waiver: I grant to TTL, and its representatives the right to take photographs of my pet, and to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that TTL may use such photographs of my pet for any lawful purpose, including, for example, such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising and web content.
  • Medical Authorization: If my pet becomes ill or injured while participating in any services provided, TTL will attempt to contact you and the emergency contact provided to us. However, such an emergency might not provide the time to do so prior to the administration of care. I authorize TTL to seek medical care for my pet. I grant TTL full authority to make decisions involving the medical treatment of my pet and agree to pay for all related costs. This applies to any claims for injuries or damages related to such medical care or that arise due to the transport of my pet.
  • In Addition, by Below, I Release TTL From Any and All liability for Any Injury or Damage That May Arise From, but Not Limited to, the Actions of Another Pet While My Pet is on the Property. I, Release and Waive Any and All Claims Against TTL, and Further Hold Harmless and Indemnify Such Releasees From and Against Any Liability, Claims of Negligence, Misadventure, Harm, loss, Inconvenience or Damage Hereby Suffered or Sustained as a Result of My Pet’s Participation in the Services Offered. This is Not a Release and Waiver of Intentional or Reckless Acts of TTL. Such Release, Waiver, Hold Harmless and Indemnity Shall Apply to My Own Claims and/or Claims of Third Parties, Relating to My Pet’s Participation in the Services.
    I Have Read and Understand This Agreement. I Have Had the Opportunity to Bargain With TTL to Not Have to Agree to the Waivers or Releases of Liability or Indemnification Provisions Set Forth I Have Signed This Waiver Voluntarily, in Exchange for the Consideration Described Above.
  • This agreement and its terms bond a relationship between Tiny Tails Lodge and yourself. Each time your pet (s) enters the TTL you affirm the terms ofthis agreement and agree to indemnify and hold TTL harmless from all liabilties you affirm the terms ofthis agreement and agree to indemnify and hold TTL harmless from all liability and claims.
  • Cats under 1 year of age are welcome to stay prior to being spayed or neutered. For the comfort of my other guests, I am unable to host a female that is in a heat cycle. A female who is in heat is in a heightened state of stress and will unfortunately will likely extra stress to other kitties. I am not able to accommodate males that spray.